REGIONALIST SPRING (ongoing project)

When thinking of a region Socio-economic development I have often assumed direct correlation between the two trajectories.
A journey through Moroccos most northern provinces has rapidly induced me to question this paradigm. 

The 500km of coastline that stretch between Tangier and the Algerian border is home to a handfull of lively cities, rural areas and a series lavish estates still in construction. 
A Rapidly orchestrated  development of the country´s economy and infrastructure has left behind both urban and rural populations struggling to identify with, or recognise, Morocco´s new face.
In observing Morocco through this lens the country´s Northern and oriental region is amongst the most expressive of this phenomenom.

Although the development of this region was a plan that had already surfaced during the rule of Hassan II, the diplomatic deadlock with Algeria and the French and Spanish colonisations stalled this plan at its origin.
However, Once on the throne in 1999, King Mohamed VI turned his attention to the north, an area that had remained economically isolated from the rest of the kingdom.

Regionalist Spring is a story that aims to investigate the long term results of the advanced regionalisation plans on the northern territories and its population. A moral responsibility is required by all to ensure  social and economic development can harmoniously evolve together.